• Overview

    Property Type

    •    These claims are at the grass-roots stage with numerous new outcrop areas being exposed each year by the receding of the many glaciers on the property.
    •    Prospecting and mapping in 2021 at the Andrei East prospect outlined numerous small granitoid intrusions, a high-grade copper + Au-Ag-bearing shear zone, and an unusual magnetite-pyrite boulder with elevated Cu, As and Au, potentially indicative of a porphyry or IOCG system under a small nearby glacier. 
    •    Flanked by numerous promising showings including Trek North and South porphyries immediately to the west, Enduro Metals Newmont Lake Porphyry-Epithermal-Carbonate Replacement Deposits to the south, and Sassy Resources gold-quartz veins to the north.


    15,678 Hectares 


    •    All claims are wholly owned by McLymont Mines, a subsidiary of Romios Gold Resources

    Exploration Stage

    •    Grass-roots exploration ongoing in areas continually being exposed by melting glaciers and icefields.
    •    One new high-grade Cu-Ag-Au prospect found in outcrop and one intriguing magnetite-pyrite boulder with elevated copper found in 2021 to be followed up.  Due to the late snow melt in 2022 no field work was done on the Andrei East prospect this year. 


    In the centre of BC’s Golden Triangle, 15 km SE of the giant Galore Creek porphyry Cu-Au project and 1 km south of the proposed Galore Creek mill site. The cleared road route from Highway 37, 34 km to the east, to the mill site and on to the Galore Creek deposits comes within 1 km to the Andrei claim block northern edge and <14 km from the current area of most interest in the southern claims. 

    The Andrei claims stretch 24 km in an ESE-WNW direction between the Galore Creek access road to the north, the Trek Porphyry Cu-Au prospects to the west, Enduro Metals’ Newmont Lake project to the south, and Sassy Resources Westmore project to the NE.

  • Geology/Exploration

    Highlights of Key Target Area

    •    Large claim block surrounded by promising gold and copper projects such as Romios’ Trek porphyries, Sassy Resources Westmore gold project, Enduro Metal’s Newmont Lake project, etc.
    •    Large areas being exposed for exploration for the first time by the dramatic melting of the extensive snow fields and glaciers on the Andrei claims.
    •    Basic prospecting in 2021 uncovered a high-grade copper shear zone and an intriguing magnetite-pyrite boulder potentially indicative of a porphyry system or an IOCG under a nearby glacier in an area of extensive granitoid plutons and dykes.


    The ANDREI claims have been largely underexplored due to the extensive snow pack, icefields and glaciers which are now melting at a dramatic rate (one nearby glacier has receded about 1 mile in the past 20 years). A recently exposed area in the southeast claims was prospected in 2021 and found to have a 1.5 m wide shear zone which assayed 3.07% Cu. 0.41 g/t Au and 79 g/t Ag across the central 30 cm. A coarse grained magnetite-pyrite boulder found nearby assayed 0.14% Cu and may be indicative of a porphyry or Iron Oxide Copper-Gold system under a nearby small glacier; both of these targets require detailed follow-up to assess their potential. The NE corner of the claims are only 1.6 km from Sassy Resources Westmore gold project along the same ridge, a large portion of which is covered with snow until late in the summers and requires a careful examination. 

    The ANDREI claims cover a large area of essentially virgin ground surrounded by numerous significant mineral prospects in areas with less snow and ice cover. The rapid receding of this snow and ice is constantly exposing new areas amenable to basic prospecting. 

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