Copperhead Resources - Red Line Claims

  • Overview

    Property Type
    • The local stratigraphy consists predominantly of clastic sedimentary rocks of the Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group in the eastern and northern portions of the claims and unsubdivided volcanic rocks of the Upper Triassic Stuhini Group in the southwestern portion. Rocks within 2 km of the contact between these two Groups are considered highly prospective for a variety of mineral deposit types including Eskay Creek Au-Ag VMS deposits and alkalic porphyry Cu-Au deposits; this contact is colloquially known as the “Red Line”.
    Exploration Stage:
    • The 2021 exploration work consisted of one day of initial field mapping, prospecting and sampling, and a partial day of helicopter-borne aerial reconnaissance.
    • The southern claim boundary is approximately 32 km north of the Eskay Creek Au-Ag deposit, the eastern boundary is 18 km west of provincial Highway 37 and the southern boundary is 9 km north of the gravel access road from Highway 37 to Eskay Creek and the NorthWest Power (AltaGas) hydro power dams along the Iskut River.
    • 1,851 hectares
    • Pursuant to the Option Agreement signed on April 6th, 2022, Romios has granted Copperhead Resources the exclusive right and option (the “Option”) to acquire a 75% ownership interest in the Project over a 3 year term. (See Press Release).
  • Geology/Exploration

    Highlights Of Key Target Areas

    Romios personnel have spent only 1 ½ days on the property so far, mapping a small corner of the SW claims. The only mineralization observed to date was the locally gossanous black shale outcrops produced by the oxidation of fine-grained pyrite in the shale. Several narrow quartz veins containing minor pyrite were also found scattered throughout the area. No significant assays were returned from this small area. The Eskay Rift traverses much of the claims east of the area examined in 2021 and that geology is highly prospective for Eskay Creek type Au-Ag rich massive sulphide deposits. There is little record of any systematic exploration in this area.


    Some encouragement was achieved by the discovery of pyritic shales west of the boundary of the Hazelton Group rocks shown on various government geology maps. Whether or not these shales belong to the favourable Hazelton Group strata is unknown at this stage, however, they are worth further examination to determine their stratigraphic setting and potential.

    The extensive, north-trending belt of Eskay Rift strata east of the area visited by Romios personnel in 2021 remains a high-priority for detailed exploration work in future. Some of the slopes of Downpour Creek valley where these rift sequences are located are covered to varying degrees by forests and underbrush which could easily obscure mineralized areas. Not only might these rocks be prospective for Eskay Creek type Au-Ag rich VMS deposits, the major N-S paleo-faults that control the location of these conglomerates would be considered prospective for gold-silver vein-type mineralization in many mining camps. Such mineralization could easily be obscured by the vegetation on the valley walls and the poor quality of stream sediments in this area could limit how effective past stream sampling programs have been.

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